Shark fin soup is traditionally eaten during weddings of the upper classes in China and Korea, but as the middle class in these countries has grown, demand for shark fins has grown worldwide.

VULNERABLE The life characteristics of most sharks such as slow growth, late maturity, and small numbers of young, make them particularly susceptible to overfishing and their populations recover very slowly.

MARINE BALANCE Because most sharks are predators, their overfishing causes disturbances and imbalances in marine ecosystems.

In a year 30,000,000 sharks die at the hands of sport and commercial fishing


In order to save space in the holds of the boats, the fishermen cut off the fins of the sharks and dispose of the body of the animal into the sea while it is alive.

The white shark, the basking shark and the whale shark are internationally protected, therefore the trade of these species is totally prohibited, in Colombia the following are also prohibited:

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