Agreements And Alliances

These is our most important agreement to help the conservation and protection of the sanctuary of Fauna and Flora Malpelo

Agreement 001 of 2017 between Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia and the FBCC  is the Convenio by which we make an alliance that states

” Join technical, financial and logistical cooperation efforts that allow

improve management effectiveness and support research into the protected area of ​​the Fauna and Flora Sanctuary of Malpelo“


-Reducing the anthropic pressures that affect the Conservation Values ​​(prevention, surveillance and control of illegal fishing and other pressures and maintenance of mooring points )


-Develop and promote knowledge of the Values ​​Subject to Conservation (VOC) and environmental benefits of the protected area through research programs and

-Position the protected area and promote its social value ….


-VESSELS that will be use as working platform for the officials of the Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia by which, in coordination with the crew of the vessels,the officials can  fulfill all their duties inside the protected area that includes :


- Surveillance and monitoring of the area for illegal fishing and other pressures


- Assistance and monitor of the scientists with investigations inside the area of all the foundations, universities and other institutions


- Controlling the activities of ecotourism purposes


- Maintenance and installment of the moorings around the sanctuary by which all the other activities are depending on.


For this matter the Foundation has already bought a catamaran 55 feet and a zodiac S.R 4.2 Milpro that will that is currently operating inside de area of SFF Malpelo since 2018

 What we have fullfilled

-Reducing the anthropic pressures that affect the Conservation Values (prevention, surveillance and control of illegal fishing and other pressures )

During our daily tours around the sanctuary since our first entrance in 2018 we have managed to locate fishermen in illegal fishing activities and recover:


  • 10.000 m of longlines  with more than 1000 hooks

  • 55 hammerhead sharks alive

  • 30 silkie sharks alive

  • 8 turtles alive

  • 1 oceanin manta alive

Installment and Maintenance of mooring points

Since 2017 we have:

  • Installment the buoys and moorings with the Armada Nacional de Colombia, DIMAR, SEMAP, Fundación Malpelo and the PNN Colombia in the Parques Nacional Natural Gorgona and SFF Malpelo January to July 2017 in multiple entrances in the army oceanographic vessel ARC Gorgona

  • Maintenance of the moorings: periodically inspection and maintenance of the moorings that include changing of ropes, cleaning of ropes and small buoys either for floatation on the surface or sustain of the rope every 10 m.

  • Helping the oceaneering studies by removing the equipment install in the sanctuary and providing the platform to perform studies of scientific purposes